1. About half of the respondents are using the services provided by ICICI Bank.
  2. To maintain the min. balance is the main problem for the customers.
  3. All the services are not completely known to the customers.
  4. Mobile banking is very less in use.
  5. Most of the respondents are satisfied with the services provided by ICICI Bank.
  6. About 50% of the customers are using the internet banking


In every research there are chances of errors & constraints. I have found following limitations in my study.

  1. Sample Size, which I have taken is very small, on the basis of which efficient decision can not be taken 
  2. Respondents were biased in their responses because they were more in favour of the brand they were using
  3. Co-operation of respondents: This has been a major problem. People were reluctant to fill the questionnaire or face the interview.
  4. Most of the people were at their work so they did not have enough time to give all replies.
ICICI is second largest bank of India after SBI. It is a prestigious financial institution in the country catering to a wide array of customers needs like.
  • Credit card
  • Auto and two wheeler loans
  • Personal loans
  • Consumer durable loans
  • Commercial loans
  • Life and non life insurance
  • Online trading

ICICI also offers a suit of products and services designed specially for various organizations. This package of facilities is not available to general customer of the bank and has been designed specifically keeping their needs in mind.
On the basis of data collected from customers and its analysis and interpretation following conclusion can be drawn:

  • Most of the customers are partly aware of all the services and schemes of ICICI. 
  • More than half of the customers are not satisfied with the balance which is to be maintained quarterly in saving accounts and bank@ campus.
  • Customers are not aware of the mobile banking and most of them don't use it.
  • The reasons behind dissatisfaction of the customers are some times:
    • Query handling
    • Balance to be maintained
ICICI bank offers the customer excellent & value added benefits. It offers deposits or fixed deposits that offer an attractive customer opportunity for money. Marketing efforts put by ICICI are laudable. Following points may be term into consideration to generate customer’s mare interest in sales of various products of ICICI hence:

  1. For saving accounts:
    In saving accounts the minimum balance to be maintained quarterly is Rs. 5,000 which should be decreased somewhat for the convenience of customer.
  2. For Bank@campus:
    In the bank@campus minimum balance to be maintained quarterly is Rs. 500 which should be decreased some what for the convenience of students.
  3. Salary accounts :
    In the salary account the salary of the employees should be deposited on 1st and 2nd of the month instead of in the mid of month.
  4. Awareness Programmes :
    To make customers fully aware about all the services of bank awareness programmes should be started so that they may utilize them fully.
    More and more people should be induced mobile banking and internet banking.

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