Name: Pooja Mankotia (2008 -2010)



Executive Summary

The title of the project is “to identify the reasons for inconsistent sales of little hearts with the help of consumer and retailer survey. And also specify suggestions to increase the demand with consistency”.

For that the survey of 150 consumers and 200 retailers had been made and it is found that little hearts is not properly marketed. This product is lacking in promotion activities such as advertisement, schemes, and also in distribution system.

The results of both consumer & retailer survey has been presented.

Consumer survey includes consumer behavior & retailer survey emphasis on the effect of retailer push energy on the demand of little hearts.



As the project was to identify the reasons for inconsistent sales of little hearts, which includes the study of consumer behavior and retailer survey. The question arises why company need this kind of project. The main harms to the company from inconsistent sales are


Inconsistent sale leads to over or under production. Over production increases the investment of company in stock due to that company is not able to make optimum use financial sources.

Under production is also major problem because the company is not able to satisfy the demand of the consumers. E.g. If a retailer is not able to provide a product for one or more time then the customer do not asks again for it.



2. If the demand is not stable then the company is not able to introduce new     ideas and plans.

3. In short inconsistent sales cause wastage of manpower, technology, raw material, funds, loss of customers etc.

Recommendations & Conclusion:

The suggestions, if adopted then the company may expect no further up and downs in the sales of little hearts and sales will definitely increase with consistency.

1. After the survey of 150 consumers & 200 retailers the conclusion comes out that, there is need to improve the distribution system of little hearts. It is noted that supply is mostly regular at shops with heavy investment and are placed at centre of good residential places, such as Sabka Bazar, Apana bazaar. Many retailers do not have regular supply.

The areas such as Tilak Nagar, Model Town, Shakti Nagar, Shalimar Garden, Sastri Nagar has very poor supply. Some of the retailers have reported supply once in one - two months. The suppliers are ignoring small retail shops.

So the most important thigh is to improve the supply in both small & large shops.

2. Little hearts is a product mostly liked by the children of 5-18 age group as per survey, So there is need to start some schemes for children to motivate them to purchase little hearts.

e.g.  Haldiram chips are giving free fun book with one pack.

Ruffles are giving poco man inside the pack.

Such schemes form a habit in children to purchase a product.

for example with little hearts following schemes can be started:-

  • One pack of little hearts free for collecting 15 packs of little hearts.
  • One golden polished locket in the shape of hearts inside the pack.

3. Little Hearts has higher impulse purchase than planed so to increase in the planed purchase the frequency of advertisement should be increased.


4. Attractive hangers or stands should be provided to the retailers so that they can easily put the bars of little hearts out side to increase in sales by increase in impulse purchase.

5. Retailer is the king in the biscuit industry. Retailer push energy also works in promoting the sales of little hearts. So there is need to motivate the retailer through regular retailers schemes.

for e.g.

Pepsi is giving one bottle free on the purchase of one crate of         500 ml.

M.D.H is giving special discount on the purchase of more than Rs 500.

  1. The quantity in the small pack for Rs 4 is less (20 gm). The pack should be priced for Rs.5 and the quantity should be increased by10 gm.
  2. Introduction in new sweet & salty flavors.
  3. Due to introduction of new flavors the investment of retailers

In little hearts has increased. Now they have to invest four times in the little hearts. The demand of little hearts is not so good, so they must be given credit period of two weeks

Other suggestion given by the consumers includes:

v  Reduction in the sweetness.

v  Improvement of taste.

v  Addition of cream on little hearts.


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