Name:- Vipin

Title:- ”A Comparative Study Of Performance Apprasial To The Cordination Of Ht Media Employee




Hindustan media limited is the private firm under the control of Birla group. It was established by Mr. K K. Birla, a famous business Tycoon in 1924.Now it is being run by Ms. Shobna Bhartiya. The headoffice of HT media limited is situated in Delhi.


Hindustan Times and Hindustan is the leading newspaper in country. It is significant online presence with



Hindustan Times group is a valuable part of Birla group. It is the flagship publication of HT Media Ltd. publication of Hindustan times started about a quarter century back before freedom of this country. Great leader of this country MAHATMA GANDHI initiated its publication. It is not a hidden fact that what contribution this daily news paper world had played in mass awakening. Its co-magazines and Hindi edition reached before the people with the aim to communicate the people in their mother tongue.


Circulation of daily Hindustan Times in the capital is about 70% which itself explains and speaks the popularity of this leading Newspaper even with such stiff competition with other dailies.


The circulation of this newspaper is gradually enhancing in the most of the states of the country. Presently it is published from New Delhi, Lucknow, Patna, Ranchi and Kolkata. It is also printed from Bhopal and Chandigarh. The print location of Jaipur was discontinued from June 2006.HT has also launched daily HT next in 2004.The Mumbai edition was launched.



Performance appraisal in every organization is the basis of their development. It is the root on which the organizations development and motivation of employees depends if the roots are strong the organizational structure can be dependable. I choose the editorial department in HT Media ltd. for performance appraisal process because in editorial department there is lots of creative work instead of mechanical work.


The employees of editorial department have the capacity to make the news interesting according to their reader’s interest.


The work of editorial department is very intellectual, they have the capability to decide which news is placed at which place and how to make news more effective. This work


needs lot of practice and people who have ability to understand and analyze reader’s interest can done this work in a better manner. To know what kind of attitude is adopted by the employees of editorial department towards their work, whether they satisfied with the working condition of the office or not and many other factors relating to their job.


These are some reasons why I select HT Media ltd for performance appraisal.





Doing a research work has never been an easy task. Collecting Data information, asking question from different kind of people of different attitudes, different behavior, analyzing the collected data and making a conclusion requires a lot of efforts and is not a tedious and mind bursting task in reality.


However I put my best efforts into the research work but I have crossed a lot of hurdles to give this research work its current shape. I have faced following problems in conducting the research-




  • The very first and most difficult problem which I faced was that I found it was very difficult to locate different people of different attitude, different educational background, different behavior and different mentally and to obtained responses from them.
  • The other major problem which I faced was to identify the target population to conduct the survey


  • I realize that it was very difficult to choose the sampling scheme to select a sample from such a large population.


  • People were not ready to respond and it was very difficult to convince them to respond and respond correctly.
  • I have tried to obtain responses from respondents but the problem that I have faced that I had no measure to verify the correctness of their responses.


During my summer training however I have tried to put my best effort into the research work but still there are some limitation of its own which are inherent in it because it is very difficult to complete any research work perfectly in such a short span of time.




It is critical to a company’s success that their compliers are whole heartedly on board are willing to adopt continuing changes this acquires new and better forms of employees communication.


The growth of an organization depends upon the relationship of management and the employees. It includes the sharing of ideas and process, change in the corporate vision, compensation and benefit information etc .The skill used and sensitive to the employee’s perceptive can determine success and health of the organization.


At the micro level of my analysis through questionnaire, personal interactions with employees and management. I would like to suggest as under-


  1. HT employee manual should be there; given to the employees related policies should be mentioned.


  1. The website of HT MEDIA LTD. Should be revised in regard with the history of HT MEDIA LTD. and its milestones and achievements in its long span of growth.


  1. The target as well as objectives related to the job must be clarified to the employees.


  1. Regarding the incorporation of the result of survey, the preference of employee shows that performance appraisal should be done half yearly.


  1. For motivation of the employees the award function as conducted at Delhi must be conducted in local branch office.


  1. There should be proper channel of communication in between and outside of the organization.


  1. Updated system should be provided to make the work of employees more smooth and flexible.




It is well known fact that HT has achieved considerable degree and success in giving the media services even to the most remote areas however closer work on the performance of HT reveals that over the year it is not stagnant but developing dynamically.


In Delhi main work of HR is to give information about the salary of the employees to the head office of HT MEDIA LTD. in Delhi.


There is good coordination and cooperation among the employees, between management and employees. It is well known fact that the success of any organization depends upon coordinated efforts of all human resources, material resources and economic factor.


This aspect must be clear, and HT should put in efforts and work together to achieve its objective and organizational development.


Towards conclusion, we can say that HT with its effective teamwork has achieved heights in its field and holds a remarkable position and can grow even wider with the help of good HR techniques which will help in the growth of employees as well as organization as a whole.